The Clinic

 The Westhaven Nursing Clinic was originally established in 1994 as an extension of the initial nursing clinic located in Crescent Halls established in 1993 . The original purpose of these clinics were to serve as a community safe space for the populations who are generally overlooked and under-served. Under the direction of Mrs. Holly Edwards, the nursing clinic took more of a holistic approach to meet the needs of the community. Mrs. Edwards understood the importance of "meeting people where they are," by using the parish nursing model which looks at not just the medical needs of an individual but the spiritual as well. Over the course of time, Mrs. Edwards was able to develop relationships with the many community "help" organizations in the Charlottesville area. Through these relationships Mrs. Edwards was able to revitalize hope as well as provide over site to the services being provided and identify any barriers that would prevent individuals from receiving the best care possible. Unfortunately, in December 2017 due to multiple co-occuring factors, the clinic closed it's doors. However, through hard-work and determination from a group of dedicated individuals, Westhaven Nursing Clinic re-opened it's doors in 2018 as a collaborative partnership between multiple organizations that serve as the Westhaven Coalition.  Although having struggled at times,  the Westhaven Nursing clinic has demonstrated perseverance, resiliency, and evolution throughout the years. As times change, we strive to maintain an equitable and inclusive environment for every community member choosing to walk through our doors. 


Presently, the Westhaven Nursing Clinic has shifted focus towards promoting the importance of mental health, while still servicing the physical needs of individuals, we believe persons are better able to communicate their needs when they are in a good space mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To support this narrative, we have partnered with multiple organizations such as Women's Initiative, Commonground, Regionten, etc to provide services as well as present holistic ideas for obtaining and maintaining wellness.


Our Philosophy


Here at the Westhaven Nursing Clinic we believe that every life is precious. We strive to ensure that each experience in our facility leaves individuals feeling dignified, inspired, motivated, appreciated and encouraged. Our mission is to simply restore hope, inspire love, cultivate empowerment, and harvest the success of community wellness.